Rexense's intelligent lighting solutions aim at the intelligent requirements of the lighting field, provide dedicated module solutions for lighting equipments. It is suitable for multiple scenarios and people, and achieves stable connections and rich functions of lighting equipments in Mesh network.
The solution is based on the standard Zigbee3.0 protocol, which can upgrade the traditional lighting products to smart products. It supports direct connection to Philips Hue gateway, Amazon Echo smart speaker and other three-party gateways. It also follows the ZLL protocol, supports TouchLink remote control, makes it easy to realize multi-scene switch, intelligent linkage between sensor, door status sensor and other devices, and makes people enjoy high-quality intelligent lighting experience.
Comparison of Protocols
Zigbee is superior to Wi-Fi in performance, power consumption, and stability, and can be directly connected to third-party gateways and speakers, which is more suitable for intelligent lighting products. Rexense's Zigbee products have higher performance and lower power consumption comparing to conventional Zigbee products based on the powerful protocol optimization capabilities, RF design and tuning capabilities.
*The data comes from Rexense's Lab
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