Matter Introduction
In October 2022, the smart home connectivity standard Matter 1.0 was officially released. The standard was jointly initiated by Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), Apple, Google and Amazon. Industry partners such as Samsung, Philips, Huawei and IKEA joined to support. The initial version supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Thread protocols. It aims to eliminate the ecological barriers of the Internet of Things and realize the seamless interconnectivity of smart devices across brands and ecosystems.

Matter is a networking technology built on the IP Internet protocol that aims to enable communication between smart home devices, mobile applications and cloud services. The Matter application layer defines a unified application layer and data model that ensures interoperability between devices regardless of the underlying IP network protocol.
Matter Advantages
Rexense Technology Advantage
With deep expertise and experience in Mesh, Rexense has launched Matter solutions that support Matter over Thread and Matter over Wi-Fi, enable clients toquickly implement commercialized Matter products and seize the opportunity of the Matter era.
Rexense Matter Solutions
Rexense has a wealth of intelligent solutions in lighting, electrical devices, sensors, door locks and other categories that can be adapted to support the Matter protocol.
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