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    Zhejiang Rexense IoT Technology Co., LTD., headquartered in Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City, China, is committed to the research, development, production, sales and service of Internet of Things wireless communication system products, providing one-stop IoT Mesh system solutions for customers. It covers hardware access, vertical industry cloud services, intelligent voice platform docking and APP software development.

    The company has rich application experience in many industries such as smart home, smart medical care, smart elderly care and so on. It has internationally leading wireless communication technologies and product solutions such as ZigBee, BT Mesh and Matter. All products and technologies strictly comply with IEEE related international standards and national industry standards, with complete independent intellectual property rights. The company has established long-term cooperative relationships with the world's leading wireless chip suppliers, providing IoT Mesh related technologies and products to global market, as well as providing ODM and OEM services for products in this field.

    After 10 years of deep technology cultivation, Rexense has become the preferred Internet of Things solution provider for many well-known enterprises. At present, Rexense has served thousands of customers around the world and helped over ten million smart home products to be put into the market. It has provided smart medical products and solutions for more than 300 hospitals, among which the baby anti-theft system covers 30 provinces in China.

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Core team

Zhejiang Rexense IoT Technology Co., Ltd. has a team composed of highly educated and high-quality talents. The founder Dr. Lv is the pioneer of Internet of Things technology in China. The core R&D team is mainly from elite R&D managers of Internet of Things products from well-known enterprises such as Alibaba, Huawei, Siemens and Samsung.

Mr.Liu, Master of Zhejiang University, has years of tecnology and product experience, extensive working experience in communication and Internet of Things industry of multinational companies. He was responsible for software architecture in UTStarcom, Cisco and IBM, and served as senior product expert of Ali Group. He is a core member of the founding team of Ali’s innovative business, such as Ali intelligence, Alibaba cloud IoT and Tmall IoT.

Jerry Liu


Master of Zhejiang University, Responsible for the company's affairs management, finance and public relations years of working experience in government departments, familiar with government workflow, Internet of things application and investment and financing channels

Yu Jiadong


Mr. Lv, a PhD of Chinese Academy of Sciences, is one of the pioneers of Internet of things technology in China, Institute of automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and chief drafters of wireless metering reading standard in China, directors of Development and System Application of ZigBee Chip, which was a fundamental scientific and technological project in Zhejiang Province.

Bravely Lv


Mr.Chan is an expert of network and computer security have successively, and has worked in famous enterprises such as Huawei and Alibaba. He is one of the developers of the first SSLproxy product in China, the pioneering developers of Internet of things platform of Alibaba cloud, and the research and developing leader of the first AGV robot control system of Cainiao network, which is one of a famous logistic serving China’s online shopping giant of Alibaba Group.

Brook Chan


20 years of working experience in communication industry supply chain, rich management experience in communication product project development, production and sales, proficient in production system of material control, quality control, information communication establishment, intelligent and systematic management of production.

Huanxuan Lu

Supply Chain Supervisor

Shi is one of the developers of standard Zigbee protocol, from HA1.2 to Zigbee3.0, has particpated in the functional definition, development and project management for many influential manufactures,id very familiar with the operational mechanism of IoT products, and has acknowledged the insight of wireless products.

Rui Shi





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