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Smart home

Smart home

Home automation is a new technology coming along with the IoT development. It does not only bring comfort, convenience and efficiency to daily live but also have improved the security level of living environment, via energy management, environment control, communication system, security system and networking system.

1.system introduction

Based on ZigBee technology, Rexense also provides all-in-one IoT solution for home automation, in addition of BLE, WiFi and others protocols. A complete IoT ecosystem requires integration of platform, App, importantly the resource of reliable manufacturers of varied devices, which is also Rexenses special advantage as an outstanding solution provider.


2.Device List

Living environment controlCentralized control deviceSecurity controlPersonal health supervision
Temperature and humidity sensorIntelligent transmitting and receiving deviceDoor/window sensorHealth watch
Air quality sensor

ZigBee/WIFI house gateway

PIR sensorEmergency alarm
PIR sensor

ZigBee/GSM Alarming gateway

Smoke sensorInfant supervision
Light switchSmart energy managementCO sensor
Dimmer switchSmart socketVibration sensor
Motorized curtainSmart wall socketSiren
AC controlerSmart wall socketCyber camera

Remote controller


3.Specific advantages

There are 8 specific advantages of Rexense IoT solution, which forms a wonderful smart living environment

Easy use and no need for setting       

Rexense has already finished the settings and devices will be ready to work once battery is in its place.

Easy installation and no need for maintenance       

There are 3 special designs of Rexense, no need for line power, no need for communication cable, no need for screw driver

Longer battery life       

Our own know-how ensures longer battery life about 2 years.   

Stable network of a big load of devices             

Our solution of network provides intelligent service of higher performance, thanks to the table and reliable networking system integrating sensors and devices of big quantity.    

Internet connection           

Rexense’s gateway provides access to internet, to work with RexCloud service, which enables your control or access to household network.    


Alarm event could be sent to you by SMS and controlled by household network remotely.   

Good interoperability           

Rexense’s home automation conforms to HA standard of Zigbee Alliance and is compatible to products compatible to HA standard from other manufacturers.   

Higher security           

Our system adopts AES-128 of higher security, which enables a more reliable communication network and frees the concern of privacy.



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