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Rexense infant security system

For many families, the focus of life is children, because children are the hope of the family. But at the same time, there are some lawbreakers in the society, who, for various purposes, repeatedly extend their evil hands to those

lovely child. The theft and wrong holding of babies have brought great harm to the society and disastrous consequences to hospitals and their families.

Infant anti-theft system (also known as "infant security system"), through the installation of a signal receiving device and an exit monitor in the monitoring area of the hospital, the infant is equipped with an electronic tag that can send RF signals and is harmless to the human body to achieve safety monitoring

Function. The signal receiving device can receive the RF signal sent by the baby's electronic tag at any time, judge the baby's safety status according to the signal, and realize the timely alarm and tracking signal for the attempted theft of baby. Ruiying baby anti-theft system adopts advanced

The technical means have replaced the backward civil air defense means, completely upgraded the baby anti-theft system, improved the management level and management level of the hospital, fundamentally prevented the baby from being stolen from the hospital, at the same time, prevented the baby from being held by mistake, and effectively protected the baby

Children's safety and protection of the rights and interests of all parties.


图1 Rexense infant security system architecture diagram.

The infant anti-theft system.

1. Label and wristband.

2. Signal receiver

3. Export monitor

4. Signal repeater.

5.POE communication gateway.

6. Service software


Advantages of baby anti-theft system.

1. Concealed installation is adopted for the equipment.

System components such as gateways, signal receiver, repeater equipment can be installed on the top corridor or smallpox in the ward, generally the system maintenance personnel may be difficult to find the existence of the monitoring system, does not affect beautiful ward, not easily stolen criminals

Discover and destroy.

2. Real-time monitoring and active protection.

The baby tags used in the ward are reported to the (heartbeat) data at regular intervals so as to achieve the active protective function of the infant.

3. Real-time monitoring and alarm of equipment failure, and preventing malicious damage of equipment.

System have online detection field function of the installed equipment state, when the fault information of the equipment failure will return or not return information data, the system will immediately start fault warning, this way can effectively prevent because of the equipment

An accident occurs when a failure or failure occurs.

4. Baby label design is ergonomically designed and comfortable to wear.

The design of the label and wrist band is very exquisite and ergonomically designed. It is the smallest and lightest baby label in China. The design of this product has many national patents. It is easy to rotate when the baby label is worn.

Falling down.

5. Good system expansibility.

The export monitor has a switch control port, which allows linkage with the access control controller to realize the opening/locking of the door.

The system gateway allows access to the network camera to obtain video information at the entrance of the ward.

6. The system can increase the function of short message prompt for infants.

In combination with the text messaging platform in the hospital, the baby can be notified via text message via text message via text message.

7. Easy installation and low construction difficulty.

The system installed the main workload in the signal receiver and the export monitor's POE network wiring, the construction amount is small.

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