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The smart home marke

The smart home market is becoming more and more mature, and the product demand shows a trend of diff

2017年06月05日 17:08:54 Author:不祥 Industry News 819


On the whole, younger consumers spend more money on entertainment products and intelligent lighting products, while consumers who pay attention to the practical functions of products also invest more money in intelligent security, intelligent kitchen and bathroom appliances and other products, showing the corresponding needs of consumers, Encourage smart home product manufacturers to develop and manufacture high-quality smart home products according to the actual needs of consumers.


At present, the whole smart home industry in China is still in the early stage of development. The whole industrial chain system of the whole smart home industry from product R&D, manufacturing to transportation and sales has not been fully mature, and the industry norms have not been fully established. The functions of smart home products need to be further improved.


Looking forward to the future, with the continuous progress of sensors, chips, voice interaction, face recognition and other technologies, the types of smart home products in China will be more complete, and the functions of smart home products will be more perfect. In order to increase product value and sales, more and more Internet and hardware giants will choose to cooperate together to meet the actual needs of different consumer groups for smart home products. At that time, consumers will also use more diverse smart home products.


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