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The annual celebrati

The annual celebration of the 10th anniversary of Rexense was successfully held

2021年05月28日 17:03:42 Author:不祥 Company News 856

On the afternoon of May 28, the annual celebration of the 10th anniversary of Rexense was successfully held in junlan Hotel, Liangzhu, Hangzhou.


On the afternoon of May 28, the annual celebration of the 10th anniversary of Rexense was successfully held in junlan Hotel, Liangzhu, Hangzhou. Rexense launched two heavy products to innovate the smart home industry: REXBEE, ZigBee rapid development kit and Rexense integration gateway scheme. The new products will set off a prairie fire in the whole smart industry and launch products more quickly through the thinking of teaching people to fish.

Among them, REXBEE will accelerate the development cycle of smart home products and enable brand enterprises to realize product intelligence in five minutes; The integrated gateway scheme will support multi cloud, multi protocol and edge computing capabilities, embrace a larger ecology, and revolve to the future demand of smart home through the gateway scheme.

The rapid development kit and integration gateway will enable enterprises to develop faster, integrate more diversified and land more effectively, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and promote the whole smart home industry. It is also a secret weapon for the rapid landing of a large number of products.


Zhiyong Liu, general manager of Zhejiang Rexense IOT Technology Co., Ltd, said that the ten-year journey focuses on the field of smart home and carries out in-depth layout in modules, gateways, products, development kits and standards. As a company defined as smart home customer service, it will continue to focus on product R&D and scene innovation of IOT mesh system in the future.


Liu said that the application layer capability and gateway capability of Rexense sub equipment will be open to customers. In the future, Rexense college and CSHIA will jointly create offline training courses to help customers complete the intellectualization of 100 million families around the world.


Hangzhou Hongyan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Xiaodong Wang

Mr. Wang first said: due to the ZigBee agreement, Hongyan and Rexense have spent more than ten years together. Since 2008, Hongyan has started the R&D and manufacturing of ZigBee smart home. The cooperation between Hongyan and Rexense spans two steps. The first stage is the exploration stage of R&D cooperation, and the second stage is the landing of the project and the rise of the industry. In the next 10 years, Hongyan will focus on the category of smart home panel products. It is expected to work together with Rexense to achieve the ultimate of smart panel products.

We know that ZigBee has high-quality characteristics such as short-range, ad hoc network, low power consumption, high speed, high reliability and interoperability. It benefits from the enhanced stability of wireless and no difference with the function of bus system. According to CSHIA research data, ZigBee protocol accounted for nearly 50% of smart home system level protocol applications in 2020.

ZigBee Alliance said that 2020 was a record year for ZigBee, with more than 560 devices certified, an increase of 31% over 2019. Millions of ZigBee Based smart devices entered consumers' homes. More than 500 million chips have been shipped, and it is expected that the number of shipments will reach 4 billion by 2023. ZigBee has well deserved to become one of the most popular Internet of things standards in the world, and has been used and trusted by millions of devices and customers.


Whether it is the whole house intelligent enterprise with pure wireless system or the bus manufacturer expanding wireless products, the vast majority of enterprises will choose ZigBee as the core backbone protocol of the system. The ZigBee protocol is mainly based on the interoperability version 3.0, and the product line in the ZigBee system is built with the gateway as the core.

From ZigBee module to ZigBee gateway, even ZigBee development kit, Rexense has been deeply rooted for 15 years. Since its establishment, Rexense has always focused on the wireless communication field with ZigBee as the core, expanded other communication technologies such as Bluetooth and Wi Fi, combined with upstream and downstream enterprises of the smart home industry chain to form a strong ecosystem and provide one-stop services for end customers.

The shackles of industry speed: the pain point of ZigBee product development.

For enterprises that are new to the industry or want to expand new categories, in the face of complex firmware configuration and strange communication protocols, it often takes a month or even longer to complete the development of new products.

There is a lack of professional and mature senior ZigBee development engineers in the market. Most of them do not have a deep understanding of ZigBee protocol, do not know how to configure product applications, lack of perfection of protocol code, difficult peripheral hardware configuration, different chip codes, insufficient verification of product function points, coupled with hardware engineers and test engineers, the R & D salary for a long period is very high.

The rapid development kit and integration gateway released by Rexense will really solve the pain points of development: long development cycle, high development cost, lack of developers and high development threshold.


Rui Shi, a technical expert of Rexense software department, said that for the pain points of the industry, it is better to teach people to fish than to teach people to fish. In order to promote the development of the whole industry, Rexense adopts the two concepts of openness and empowerment to help the industry.


The biggest feature of the REXBEE ZigBee rapid development kit released this time is that it can realize code free development, no longer need very professional ZigBee developers, help more enterprises realize rapid intelligent transformation, and greatly improve the development process of intelligent products.

Ordinary R&D personnel only need to define the application layer to realize all the functions of developing the whole category of smart home, truly focus all R &D energy on the logic of the device, and create a truly perfect smart home scene.


Thanks to the long-term strategic cooperation with the world's leading wireless chip suppliers, Rexense has the absolutely leading ZigBee protocol stack technology of domestic chips. Therefore, rexbee rapid development kit can provide a complete set of application code for various mainstream ZigBee chips. Through the configuration tutorial of all kinds of smart home products, it can be perfectly applied to the intelligent development of smart switches, smart door locks, smart sensors, air conditioning, fresh air, floor heating and other products, and provide the source code without reservation, Through relatively simple modification, the firmware of the hardware device is finally generated with one click.


REXBEE ZigBee rapid development kit can provide a full range of product test cases, development boards, download tools, test tools and supporting software support. It can complete the whole process operations such as early development evaluation, mid-term development test and mass production test after development, and break the development difficulties such as product function verification, module peripheral hardware design and technical support at different stages one by one, Rapid mass production and delivery of intelligent products.


Next, for the development of each category, Rexense will conduct unified rexbee ZigBee rapid development kit training through the online video course of Rexense college, so as to make the intelligent ZigBee equipment easier and make every customer have the ability of ZigBee R&D.


One of the difficulties in the popularization and implementation of smart home is that cross brand and cross category interconnection requires gateway enterprises to have integration ability. Haibing Chen, senior researcher of the system department, released Rexense's latest whole house intelligent integration solution - integration gateway solution. The function of fusion gateway is to ensure that all intelligent products in the system will finally reach the most efficient and practical state.


Rexense integrates the gateway architecture to quickly help the development of smart home system. In addition to supporting batch activation of devices, proxy cloud access, one click distribution network and local configuration, with the interconnection foundation built by the gateway, it can quickly and stably land basic products, and develop customized firmware through fast network access solutions.


It is normal to support the functions of products and systems through modules and integration gateways, and realize the interconnection of multiple brands and products at the same time. Through the gateway provided by Rexense, the products can be connected to Alibaba cloud, Tmall elf and other platforms, integrate the gateway into the perfect intelligent product ecology, realize seamless interoperability with other intelligent products, quickly access a large number of third-party smart home products, and realize zero configuration at the linkage level. In addition to allowing the gateway to support the interworking of native devices, Rexense also provides a complete SDK and development reference materials to support the development of customized products, so that enterprises can create differentiated competitive advantages.


The gateway with integration capability can be compatible with a variety of well-known private clouds, including Alibaba cloud, Tencent cloud, baidu cloud, Huawei cloud and other well-known private clouds. In addition to the open private cloud, Rexense's integration gateway provides a variety of options, allowing customers to choose their own customized private cloud, define their own cloud connection protocol and develop the corresponding cloud connection client on the gateway, or directly use Rexense's development protocol to use network free association cloud client development, and finally realize their own PAAS and SaaS layers in the cloud, Create your own smart home chain.


The convergence gateway is compatible with both local access and remote access. It not only supports access to the private cloud, but also supports discovery, management and control by the local management workbench, making the experience of end users more convenient.

In addition to supporting ZigBee protocol, Rexense's gateway integration scheme not only supports ZigBee access devices, but also supports multiple mainstream Internet of things protocols such as ble sigmesh, Wi Fi and RFID. Through the expansion of multiple communications, it improves robustness. With the support of dynamic frequency hopping technology, it avoids mutual interference between multiple wireless communications and strictly ensures the stability and stability of the whole system Reliability. Using multiple protocols can increase the number of connections and reduce the types of inventory.


In addition to multiple protocols, Rexense also has diversified forms. Rexense has launched wired gateway, Poe power supply gateway, 86 wall entry gateway, comprehensive screen socket, independent ZigBee gateway, subminiature gateway and USB gateway converter to facilitate installation, transportation and deployment. Based on the gateway of single ZigBee protocol, it has created multiple forms and functions such as dual ZigBee gateway, multi-mode gateway, multi-functional gateway, edge gateway, router gateway, third-party voice access and so on. The diversified forms and functional gateways provided by Rexense are completely fearless of scenes with strict requirements on function, reliability, cost, volume and power consumption. In addition to home scenes, the gateways have made significant contributions to spatial IOT scenes such as smart data, smart elderly care and smart hotels.

We know that the gateway translates and transforms different transport layer, session layer, presentation layer and application layer protocols, and can "read" intelligent devices of various protocols, so that devices of different brands and protocols can interact in the cloud + local, so as to build rich and interesting intelligent linkage scenarios. However, as the smart home system becomes more and more complex, The explosion of sensing data and the implantation of more powerful scenes will affect the seamless use experience of the terminal. The seamless combination of cloud edge and end is the trend.

The gateway integration scheme provided by Rexense will enable the edge computing of the gateway itself to be combined with the computing of other nodes, so as to realize the real-time synchronous update of cloud scenes and local scenes, move the computing power down to the local end, deal with the "cloud" processing bottleneck of massive data, realize stronger performance without fear of network disconnection, and execute any scene efficiently, stably and quickly. Specifically, for local scenes with low computational intensity, the gateway completes edge computing by itself; For other computing intensive needs, such as face recognition scenes and emotional interaction scenes, the gateway can be distributed to other edge computing nodes. Edge computing power can protect users' privacy in the local environment, and make the fast and stable experience more extreme.

The whole house intelligent integration project of "creating a changed future · open integration" was officially launched

In order to create a smart technology life and achieve win-win in all platforms and fields, Rexense has already reached a consensus with many enterprises in the industry through the joint cooperation of cloud platform enterprises, smart home brand enterprises and integrators.


Zhejiang Rexense IOT Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Hongyan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Hyman Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Daming Lafayette Electric Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Weishida Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd., Ningbo yearning Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., beineng Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and Chint Group "Creating a changed future · open integration" whole house intelligent integration project.

Rexense's latest REXBB ZigBee rapid development kit and integration gateway scheme will re innovate the thinking and cycle of product development in the whole intelligent industry, help the rapid development of intelligent products and the efficient implementation of projects in the whole house through the concept of openness and empowerment, and lead the global smart family into a new era of intelligent popularization.

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