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Rexense's new Poe ga

Rexense's new Poe gateway accelerates intelligence again!

2021年03月27日 17:00:05 Author:不祥 Company News 910

RG4500 is a super small multifunctional smart home gateway newly developed by Rexense. As the "translator" of the smart family, it can "read" smart devices of various protocols, so that devices of different brands and protocols can interact in the cloud.


In the information age, everything is interconnected. With the construction and development of smart city digitization, the concept of smart home has been popularized and landing, and a number of smart home products have emerged. These products combine to form a rich and interesting intelligent linkage scene. In the world of smart family, such pictures often appear:

When you come home from work, just relax on the mobile app, and the temperature and humidity sensor is linked with the air conditioner to keep the indoor temperature at the most comfortable temperature of the human body;

Go to the door, gently click the smart door lock and open it, trigger the door magnetic sensor, the linkage living room light will automatically light up, and then your favorite music will sound;

When you get up at night, the infrared human body sensor monitors the movement of the human body, automatically lights up and guards the safety at night.

Cool intelligent linkage scenes bring warm and comfortable home time, which need to be realized by a key device, which is the gateway. As the "translator" of the smart family, it can "read" smart devices of various protocols, so that devices of different brands and protocols can interact in the cloud. Even if the external network connection is interrupted, the gateway can also realize the intelligent scene linkage preset by the user in the LAN.



RG4500 is a super small multifunctional smart home gateway newly developed by Rexense technology. With the highly integrated wireless communication design capability, the device integrates various communication modes such as ZigBee / Bluetooth, Ethernet and Wi Fi in an ultra small volume. The new "plug and play" design does not require users to understand any configuration information. It only needs to use the network cable to connect the existing home router to work normally. It can be applied to any inexperienced users. The gateway can also completely replace the function of home wireless router, and users can use the device to carry out network browsing, smart home control and other functions at the same time.

RG4500 is mainly composed of WiFi baseband, ZigBee / Bluetooth module and motherboard. It has three access modes: WiFi access, LAN access and WAN access. The gateway has a wide range of applications, including remote data acquisition, industrial automation, wireless meter reading system, intelligent building system, intelligent transportation system, intelligent street lamp control, coal mine safety monitoring, telemedicine monitoring, etc.

Product features

1. Ultra small volume, saving space

Only 1 / 4 of the volume of the traditional wireless router, which does not need to occupy the limited space in the home;

2. Poe power supply, system stability

Poe is used for power supply to effectively reduce power waste; Simple installation, saving wiring and maintenance costs; There is no strong current at the front end and the system security is high;

3. Plug and play, no configuration required

Unlike other similar products on the market, which require complex configuration, the device can work only by connecting the Internet cable, saving the trouble of learning.

4. Multi network integration, powerful function

Integrate multiple wireless communication modes, support edge computing, act as smart home gateway and master controller, and connect to the Internet as a router;

5. Super security and privacy protection

The Wi Fi and ZigBee / Bluetooth terminals of the equipment use the industry's high-level encryption to transmit information, so as to ensure the security of network communication and prevent malicious intrusion;

6. International standards, prevailing in the world

It conforms to the global ZigBee 3.0 protocol and Bluetooth sigmesh protocol, supports the interactive use of products from other manufacturers, and greatly expands the user's options.

The newly developed gateway accelerates intelligence and gives us a new home life experience. In the process of continuous innovation and upgrading of intelligent technology, Ruiying IOT will continue to improve living comfort and create a living space in line with people's expectations through deeper thinking of the modern home environment.

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